Kids ride on battery powered Lamborghini 12v

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Lamborghini Ride on toddler car 12V dual motors w/ RC remote

This Lamborghini Aventador is a scale replica with authentic badges, LED lights, MP3 player input, sounds, and all other functionalities your child could ever dream of. In addition to the amazing looks this model also features a fully functional remote control for parents whose kids cannot yet reach the foot pedal, or otherwise maneuver the car. This Lamborghini Ride On car can be fully operated by the child using steering wheel/foot pedal, or driven by a parent via the 4-way remote control. It comes complete with 12V battery, (pre-installed) charger, and includes our upgraded drive motors for speeds up to 5 MPH! Our Lamborghini toddler Ride On toy comes exclusive with working vertical doors, and gas shocks for smooth operation.

Our Lamborghini kids Ride On car has upgraded factory installed drive motors for higher torque, and speed! Exclusively sold right here, NOT sold in stores or anywhere else online.

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